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Beware! Because of restrictions due to Covid-19 we strongly implore you, that in case you show any flu symptoms, not to visit our office. If you have an appointment at our office we kindly recommend that you call us, so we can look at an alternative way to resume the appointment. Thank you for understanding.
De Kredieter | Within 24 hours an appointment without obligations, Within 24 hours
an appointment without obligations,
De Kredieter | Specialist in mortgages for self-employed persons without personnel. Specialist
in mortgages for self-employed persons without personnel.
De Kredieter | 100% independent financial advice. 100% independent
financial advice.

Mortgage advice from de Kredieter

The office of de Kredieter is at a unique location in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. A team of experienced mortgage advisers is available every business day to inform, advise and guide you through your mortgage application. Whether you are a first-time buyer or are considering refinancing your mortgage. With De Kredieter, you can be sure of a solution that is right for you.

About de Kredieter

De Kredieter was founded by Frank Bakker in 1995, originally with the intention of helping start-up businesses to obtain finance. Later on, de Kredieter grew into a specialist, independent mortgage advice agency.

The office of de Kredieter now has 7 experienced mortgage advisers. Each of them specialises in one or more aspects of the profession. Our advisers are supported by an expert back-office team that knows exactly what the banks want and need. They make sure that your application is dealt with quickly and correctly.

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Introduction to the team at de Kredieter

Martin van de Biezen

Financial adviser
Co-owner Martin discovered his interest in financial services as a result of a second job at an insurance firm. After obtaining the necessary diplomas and certificates, he started as a mortgage adviser.
Mail Martin van de Biezen De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Martin van de Biezen

Ronald Bieger

Financial adviser
Besides his daily work as a mortgage adviser, Ronald gives courses for the members of the Association of Amsterdam Estate Agents (Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA)) together with Martin. He thus shares his knowledge of mortgages, insurance and financial planning. Ronald became a partner at de Kredieter in 2007.
Mail Ronald Bieger De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Ronald Bieger

Erik Heck

Financial adviser
Before joining De Kredieter, Erik was an internal account manager at Nationale Nederlanden. He joined us when De Kredieter was looking for an adviser with knowledge of mortgages for self-employed persons.
Mail Erik Heck De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Erik Heck

Frans Saas

Financial adviser
After studying law, it turned out that Frans had a greater affinity with financial services. In the office he is known as the walking encyclopaedia, because of his huge general knowledge.
Mail Frans Saas De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Frans Saas

Mark Picavet

Financial advisor
Mark worked at SNS Bank for four years before joining De Kredieter as a financial advisor. Now that he is no longer tied to specific parties, he provides independent financial advice, appropriate to your situation and wishes.
Mail Mark Picavet De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Mark Picavet

Daan van den Berg

Financial advisor
Daan enjoys making complex matter understandable for everyone. He has extensive experience as a financial advisor, but has also set up an intermediary desk. After a foray into the coaching and training world - where he guided (international) teams/individuals through cultural changes - he is back in financial services.
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Fleur Stegers

Financial advisor
Fleur is bezig met het afronden van haar bedrijfskundige studie. Deze studie sluit goed aan bij de werkzaamheden en competenties van dit vak. Fleur heeft het voornemen om zich de komende jaren verder in het vak te ontwikkelen en is gelukkig al in het bezit van de vakinhoudelijke diploma’s die zij o.a. bij ABN AMRO heeft behaald.
Mail Fleur Stegers

Saskia Lievaart

Back office employee
Saskia joined de Kredieter shortly after its beginning in 1995. Fortunately she never left. She monitors the progress of mortgage applications and maintains contacts with banks, clients, civil-law notaries and estate agents.
Mail Saskia Lievaart

Elke Wienke

Financial Office Assistant
During her studies, Elke already worked at the secretariat of De Kredieter. After obtaining her master's degree in Tax Law, she started working as a tax advisor at BDO. She has recently returned to her old nest and will continue to use her (tax) knowledge at De Kredieter.
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Obilot Geuljans


Anne-Claire van den Berg


Noor Bilstra


Frank Bakker

Founder & ambassado
Frank founded De Kredieter after completing his degree in Economics at the Free University in 1995. After more than 20 years as a mortgage advisor, he decided to work on other projects. Frank is one of our most important ambassadors.
De Kredieter | LinkedIn account Frank Bakker
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