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Much is changing in the mortgage market. The mortgage experts at de Kredieter will be pleased to keep you up to date on new developments and possibilities. From budget mortgages to residual debt and changes to legislation: we will be pleased to explain all these and more in simple, everyday language.


2019: the year of buying out ground lease and the extra service for expats

6 March 2019 Next year, mortgage consultant de Kredieter, located in Zuidas, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The firm can be rightly called a specialist in mortgages and real estate...

What is the maximum amount that I can borrow/finance? Ask Google!

17 February 2019 One of the most popular Google search terms at the moment is: "What is the maximum amount that I can borrow/finance?". As a financial advisor, I understand that this is...

Mortgage for expats: this is what you should pay attention to

26 October 2018 Are you a foreigner and planning to live in the Netherlands? You’re not the only one. Especially Amsterdam is welcoming more and more expats. In the last four years,...

Getting out on the property ladder: this is how it works

14 March 2018 Buying a first home is exciting. Who are we kidding? It's really exciting! From envisioning your dream home to signing the mortgage deed: it's a lot to deal with. You'll...

Beware of the budget mortgage

29 March 2017 Budget mortgage, profit mortgage, basis mortgage, bonus mortgage ... Many names for the cheapest mortgages from various lenders. Unfortunately, these mortgages do not always...

The government informs consumers regarding residual debt

6 March 2017 As I wrote in my blog ‘Home under water’ in June 2013, it is increasingly the case that a residual debt remains after the sale of a home. There is still a lot of...

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